Over the years I have worked with hundreds of artists helping them take their songs from demo/concept all the way to polished radio-ready productions. Here are some of my favorites! (Scroll down on the music player to hear more)



I mix and edit dialogue, sound effects, Foley, ADR, and music for film and TV. I can mix in stereo and 5.1 surround. 

An excerpt from The Lot, a film by Jonathan Case and Solar Light Productions. I edited and mixed the dialogue, sound effects, ADR, Foley, and music.

The Dream Girl - a film by Weston Bering. I composed, recorded, and mixed the song "Dream World" used throughout film.



Sometimes artists self-record or record at another studio, and then they send me the tracks so I can add more punch, clarity, and focus to the songs. These songs were recorded elsewhere but came to me for that special "polish."




I write music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments, and my music can be used for various media including film, TV, and YouTube. I recently released an album featuring some of my pieces from the last two decades:




Sometimes a client needs some audio cleaned up, restored, warped, cut, and/or rearranged. Other times the edits are more extreme like in the excerpt below. This classical trio had recorded in a Paris studio, but because of temperature and tuning issues, the flute had many intonation issues. We edited out the flute from the original multi-track recording session files, digitally "retuned" the piano and cello to 440 hz, had the flute player re-record his parts in my studio, and mixed it so it sounds like every player is in the same room.

Martinu 1st MovementThe Rodrieg Ensemble
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