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Some argue that sound is half of the equation for a film viewing experience and that the audio can often make or break a film. Proper audio post-production can elevate your film to the next level whether it's creating unique sonic soundscapes, cleaning up noise, or heightening emotional impact.

Dialogue Editing

Editing dialogue is one of the most important tasks in audio post-production. After all, it's the dialogue that tells us the story, and we want it as clean-sounding as possible. This process can include choosing which mics/tracks to use from production and reducing or eliminating unwanted sounds and background noise.

Sound Editing

Today's digital audio technology is truly magical, and we can often tackle the most seemingly difficult and even "impossible" editing tasks in a modern DAW. If you need more than just your dialogue edited, we can fix issues with your sound effects and score as well.

Re-Recording Mixing

Creating the final mix for your film involves bringing together the dialogue, sound effects, background ambiences, and music score in a way that appropriately tells your story. We will create a 5.1 surround mix, a stereo mix, stems, and other required deliverables for the distribution of your film.

Sound Design

Want a unique or unorthodox soundscape in your film? We use our imaginations when we layer, blend, pan, and chop up a multitude of ambiences, sound effects, voice effects, and/or music bits to create your unique sonic world.

ADR & VO Recording

Did you film in a noisy location and some of your production dialogue is unusable as a result? We can re-record the dialogue in our state-of-the-art studio and seamlessly blend it with your existing production dialogue.


Footsteps, cloth, and a variety of other sound effects are often difficult to get right on set. That's where Foley recording comes in! In our acoustically-controlled studio, we can record these sounds in real time so they will be perfectly synced with your picture.


THE LOT (Short Film)

  • Dialogue Editor

  • Sound Editor

  • Re-Recording Mixer



  • Score/Main Theme Composer

  • Music Recording Engineer

  • Music Score Mixer

The Dream Girl - a film by Weston Bering. 

HAWK P.I. (Short Film)

  • Dialogue Editor

  • Sound Editor

  • Re-Recording Mixer

CASTLES (Short Film)

  • Dialogue Editor

  • Sound Editor

  • Re-Recording Mixer

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